Sealy Perfect Rest Crib Mattress Review

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Firm in the corners, edges, and sides just like an adult mattress, yet with a comfortable medium-firm sleeping surface for your infant. The Sealy Perfect Rest Crib Mattress has everything required for a safe good night’s rest. In almost every Parent submitted Sealy Perfect Rest Crib Mattress Review, parents mentioned how this mattress distinguished itself from others by having enough firmness to be safe for their child but also very comfortable to allow them to sleep better? The Sealy Crib Mattress also meets or exceeds all phthalates standards set forth by the CPSC, so parents can take comfort in knowing this harmful chemical common in crib mattresses is non-existent in the Sealy Perfect Rest.

Sealy Perfect Rest Crib Mattress Review

Sealy Perfect Rest Crib Mattress Review

Manufacturer Sealy
Product Dimensions 51.6 x 27.2 x 5.2 inches
Shipping Weight 17.6 pounds


There’s a reason why the Sealy Perfect Rest Crib Mattress is also considered one of the sturdiest mattresses on the market. It uses 150 heavy gauge interlocking coils which are heat tempered to give them more strength and durability, and the all-around border rods keep the edges, sides, and corners as firm as possible. The Sealy Perfect Rest also utilizes two non-allergenic sleeping layers, which help to ensure your baby doesn’t have an allergic reaction to the mattress, and also is key to making the mattress very comfortable to sleep on.

Some of Sealy Perfect Rest Crib Mattress Important Features:

  • It’s really breathable and soft to the touch
  • It’s feel Firm
  • Cotton blend exterior construction
  • Foam core construction
  • Wet-resistant cover and Stain resistant
  • fire resistant security and Flame retardant
  • Item weight: 9.2 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 11.9 pounds
  • It’s can take Minimum weight 5 pounds and Maximum weight 100 pounds
  • Corners are square
  • Airflow pockets
  • Waterproof binding

Is the Sealy Perfect Rest Crib Mattress right for your child?

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  • The Sealy Perfect Rest offers the doctor recommended firmness without sacrificing the comfort of sleeping on the mattress. Parents can rest assured that their child is both safe and comfortable.
  • The mattress does not contain any phthalates commonly found in crib mattresses. This ensures your baby is not impacted by this harmful chemical.
  • The Sealy Perfect Rest uses 150 heavy gauge interlocking coils and all-around border rods to keep the sides, corners and edges firm. This enhances the durability of this mattress and prevents the sagging that can occur over time.
  • The Perfect Rest’s waterproof vinyl laminate cover resists stains and moisture. Cleaning is also as simple as wiping it with a damp cloth. This makes maintenance for this mattress extremely easy.
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  • A few parents expressed concerns that the mattress is too soft as medical experts recommend a firm mattress. This mattress is medium firm and while it is softer than an extra firm mattress it is not considered hazardous. It is a great option for infants or toddlers that have difficulty sleeping on Firm or Extra-firm mattresses.

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