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How To Choose A Crib Mattress That Will Last Long – Parents Guide


Here I will be talking about how to choose a crib mattress, the non-organic one. If you are not going to organic crib mattresses, you should keep these things in mind to get the best crib mattress.

When I was pregnant, I chose a wrong mattress first. I was more focused on certain things but didn’t fully realize that a crib mattress could be toxic. I found it out after an incident and got concerned about toxicity. Then I started to give much time to choose the perfect one.I started to research more. I started doing these in routine basis – contacting with manufacturers and asking lots of questions. I do not want to recommend any products without asking questions and gathering knowledge about how mattress ingredients are made in that particular industry.

My former husband once exclaimed how I passed so much time comparing every crib mattress I could after my first baby was born. “It may seem boring to you but it’s ‘the thing’ what is responsible for my baby’s comfort”, I said. It’s obvious, right? Men will never understand that very feeling like we mother feel. If you, the reader, is a mom then you can realize what I am saying. If you are a father, please try to think yourself in our shoes. Choosing the perfect crib mattress is really a very important thing for your baby. I am not telling that you go through what I got through to choose the best one, I am only suggesting to at least try my recommendation.

There is a term called SIDS. It stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Yes, you are reading it perfectly. It happens and it happens often. Babies die every year so the authority has to form this term and declare minimum specification requirement of crib mattresses for your baby’s safety. I personally think it is a shame that U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has to come forward to ensure our babies’ safety as we cannot. A faulty crib mattress can choke your baby to death. Choosing the best crib mattress is that important.

As I said earlier. Conventional crib mattresses are made of either foam or spring. Both types can be marvelous for your baby if they are of good quality and able to keep their shape well. They will give nice support for your child. How to determine both are best of their kind, is given below.

How To Choose A Foam Crib Mattress

How To Choose A Crib Mattress

Guide To Foam Crib Mattress


Always buy that possesses the qualities of the best crib mattress. You can determine a crib mattress’s quality by looking for certain things. First of all, look the overall build quality. To do this you do not have to be an expert. The cheapest foam mattresses will come into light with their demerits here. They have thin edgings and coverings that tend to tear, crack or drying out over time. The quality crib mattresses will have thick and puncture resistant edgings and coverings. The manufacturer of them takes this as their first priority. That is why a best crib mattress is a little expensive than the shabby cheapest crib mattress. This edgings and coverings are sewed with military grade fibers. They are laminated with either double or triple stitching.

Foam Density

A best foam crib mattress will be filled with much denser foam. The denser the foam is, the more it will keep its self-form and will not take your baby’s shape as they spend a lot of time on it. So, the density of the foam is a big deal.
Now I will be talking about how you will determine the density is on the safer side. A best foam crib mattress is firm, little heavy and tends to get back to its former form while pressed. So look for these characteristics while buying the best crib mattress with denser foam. It may not be possible to weigh every crib mattress in a store. You may dig the internet to know the specific weight of several crib mattresses. They are available on the manufacturers products page or related amazon page. You will find reliable information there. Try to buy a crib mattress with relatively greater weight. Here’s notable, some cheap china crib mattresses weigh more than the others, sometimes more from a spring crib mattress. God knows how they made this or fill it with what. I strongly recommend you to avoid these crib mattresses. Be suspicious whenever you find a crib mattress with excessive weight.

Another way to determine the density of the foam is to press it actively.  Press it down with both of your palms in the middle of the crib mattress with pressure. The best crib mattress will jump back to its previous form nonetheless. Moreover, the best crib mattress with denser foam inside won’t allow you to press very far. It should be the first thing to do after the arrival of your baby’s crib mattress of a successful online purchase.

Cover quality

A foam crib mattress is structured by a cover with foam inside. It is given because foam itself is very uncomfortable to lie on. Usually, a foam crib mattress is covered with fabric or vinyl cover. The cover plays the great role because it is that very thing upon which your baby will be sleeping off his/her whole day. Crib mattresses covered with the cheap material will tear within short days thus making your purchasing an unsuccessful one. You may wonder what if a great quality foam is covered by a cheap covering, is it good or bad? Then I would suggest you not to go for it. Moreover,a better quality foam will never come to you covered with cheap material. A manufacturer will never try to cut the manufacturing cost by cutting the expense from the cover.

Now it comes to the cover ingredient. The cover ingredient is important because air circulates through it and it is important to circulate air through it. As said before, the mattress cover is usually made from fabric or vinyl. Fabric can circulate more air through it than vinyl. The vinyl covers make up these lacking by holding some breathing hole or ventilation hole.  It is best to buy a crib mattress with thicker cover. Look for triple laminated covers. These covers are also known as three-ply cover. It will prolong the life of the crib mattress giving it a shell hard to break and thus making it one with greater longevity.

Air circulation

I said earlier that it is important to pass through the air within the mattress cover. It prolongs the crib mattress’s lifetime. Many seek a crib mattress with ‘waterproof’ feature. If you are one of them, be known that if your baby’s crib mattress is waterproof than it will not circulate air through its cover. A cover is waterproof only then when it does not have pockets or air hole. It is native to worry about diaper leakage because that will ruin the crib mattress. So if that is the case then I would suggest you buy an innate crib mattress with no water blocking capability and use a washable waterproof mattress pad on top of it.
Moreover, whatever makes the cover waterproof usually contains toxic materials. That will hamper your baby’s health in the long run. Be cautious about that.

How To Choose An Innerspring Crib Mattress

Guide To Innerspring crib mattress

An innerspring crib mattress is the crib mattresses with spring inside it. Greatest crib mattresses made of spring maintains its quality by maintaining the quality of several things like spring layer ingredient, cover and border rod. Here’s what to keep in mind.


Try to buy the one that holds the qualities of the best crib mattress. It can be done by giving the keen look over certain things. First of all, go for the overall build technique. You do not have to be innerspring crib mattress geek to do so. The unworthy cheap mattresses will reveal themselves now. Innerspring crib mattresses also covered with coverings like the foam crib mattresses. The bad quality cheap crib mattresses have sleazy edgings and coverings that tear with time. The best crib mattresses will have solid and puncture resistant coverings. This is a reason for a quality crib mattress cost you a little more than the cheap ones. The cover of a good innerspring crib mattress will be stitched with premium fabrics.

Spring layers

Whenever buying an innerspring crib mattress, always keep in mind that the number of quality spring layer rules. The more the spring layers, the better the crib mattress is. One other thing to consider. If there are a lot of spring layer, but the springs are of bad temperament, the mattress is also below average quality. So look for a greater number of spring layer with the quality of those springs as well. You can determine it by weighing the mattress.

Border rods

I mentioned earlier, some innerspring crib mattresses comes with no border rods and that is very bad. Border rods are a very important aspect of an innerspring crib mattress that holds the whole mattress in shape. They keep the edges of the mattress closer to the crib thus minimize the likeliness of the baby to fall while he/she stands to hold the crib boundary. The border rods also provide extra safe strong structure.

Coil Count and Steel thickness

Coil count indicates the number of the spring coils. A very popular form of marketing nowadays. Cheap china manufacturers have come forward with this in their hand and try to prove that they are producing good quality spring crib mattresses showing that they have a better number of coil counts. The coil counts do have a significance to indicate good spring crib mattresses but the springs or steels forming the coils have to be greater in amount.
However, some expensive crib mattresses also show the number of coil counts over 300. Actually, it is not necessary to have more than 150-200. The spring mattresses filled with 150 coils but with thicker steel can be firmer than the one filled with 250 coils but of wicked quality.

Insulator pad

A well-concentrated layer of insulator exists on top of the spring coils. It prevents the coils from poking through. It’s an important aspect to keep in mind because a cheap and shabby insulator pad will eat up all the significance of other exclusive parts. A job of spring is always awkward whether the spring is great or not, right?  The best insulator pad is usually made with shredded coconut shells. Another pad named ‘rag’ is also available in the market wrapping spring crib mattresses. It is made from pressurized scrapped cloth. The cheap quality pad I was talking about, is made from woven polyester. It is less durable and form holes overtime.


Cushions are usually made from foam, polyester or cotton. As above, foam or cotton is a better cushion solution. So don’t go for the polyester cushion even though it costs a little bit less. Be sure what your baby’s crib mattress’s cushion is made of. You can find information regarding this on the official product page or related Amazon page.


A cover wraps the entire mattress up. It is made from fabric or vinyl. Both fabric or vinyl ensures top quality product. Fabric circulates more air than the vinyl, but vinyl covers contain air circulation holes and thus it acquires the same efficacy as the fabrics. What really matters the most is the layers.Try to buy a mattress with minimum three layered cover. It is known as three-ply cover. It also enhances the longevity.

Airflow holes

Some mattresses are completely waterproof. These mattresses lack airflow holes. The feature “waterproof” seems appealing but it is unhygienic. Moreover, the holes will help your baby breath. It’s a very important thing to keep in mind. So I would suggest not to buy waterproof mattresses. Buy a mattress with ventilation holes. Despite all of these facts, if you need waterproofness, Use a separate waterproof cover instead. That will meet your necessity.

Well, that’s all about what I got after analyzing best crib mattress reviews. You will be updated more whenever I get something more. It is always best to purchase an organic crib mattress over these. You may check the key things of organic crib mattresses here.

If you are still up for normal foam or innerspring crib mattress, you should keep the things mentioned above in mind.

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